Our Mission

As a Lifestyle brand, our mission at The Piff Company is to become a leader in the cannabis industry by providing information, news, and commentary through our platform. We strive to innovate products of superior quality that brings joy to our customers and healing to the communities we serve.

Who are we?

Cannabis Educators

  • Our goal for The Piff Company is to provide updates about the cannabis industry. Focusing on regulatory updates and current events relating to the commercial, medical, legal, industrial, and the cultural use of cannabis. We do this in an informative and entertaining way through our podcast and articles provided on our lifestyle page.

Cannabis Advocates

  • Our purpose is to create a platform that changes the narrative about cannabis users and people in the cannabis industry.
  • At The Piff Company, we are aligning our efforts on empowering those who are currently and formerly incarcerated for non-violent marijuana charges.
  • We are intent on aiding the end of cannabis prohibition through contributions to prison reform initiatives, activist groups and events.

Cannabis Innovators

  • We are developing new products that will help cannabis users solve recreational problems, and provide health benefits for medicinal users.

Our Team

Tayeron Campbell – Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of The Piff Company, Tayeron is responsible for aligning strategic goals and plans to help achieve the overall mission of the company. One important focus is growing and inspiring others within the executive team to bring their best while delivering from different functional perspectives (Financials, Operations, Marketing and Community Liaison).

Tayeron and his father, who is a graduate of Howard University, are both members of CBMM (Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts). CBMM was founded to provide a vehicle of educational, emotional and personal support to young black males and their families. As a member of the CBMM, Tayeron grew up understanding the essence of giving back to your community through volunteering, and education which continues to be part of his personal and professional objective.  Being surrounded by successful men of color, they exemplified what it meant to change a  stereotypical narrative. After high school he continued his education at Massbay Community College, in which he received an associates degree in General Studies. Tayeron is now a full-time student at Framingham State University where he is pursuing a major in Liberal studies with a double minor in business and marketing. With his studies, Tayeron plans to further his entrepreneurial path starting with the launch of The Piff Company.

Josh Queiroz – Chief Operations Officer

As The COO Josh’s main responsibilities are to ensure that the overall operations and production of our products are following our safety and soundness requirements. He also monitors the inventory for our products, and ensures that each customer receives and are satisfied with their purchase.

Joshua was born and raised in Framingham, MA. He graduated from Framingham High School in 2015. He attended a community College where he obtained an associates degree in criminal justice. After obtaining his degree, he started The Piff Company with his fellow partners in 2020. His goal is to create products that satisfy the customers with our branded merchandise and to obtain a Marijuana Manufacturing license that will allow him to develop products that actually provide health benefits. Also while creating products his goals are to better the environment by using eco friendly techniques while raising awareness about our environment.